June 5, 2018

List of ISO Management Standards Categorized by Sector


As you are well aware, ISO is an independent, non-governmental organization with a total of 162 national bodies as its members. You also know that some top-rated certification programs like VOB 9009 will qualify your business for the ISO certification. What you might not know will be the comprehensive list of management systems, that too categorized by sector. Now, the question is what’s the use of knowing about this list? Well, knowing about this list will be easier to decide on which standard you should approach depending on the sector of your business. Yes, this makes your decision-making and ISO certification planning easier. Now, let’s see the comprehensive list by sector here:

List of Quality Management Standards:

ISO 10004:2012

This ISO standard is providing guidance in defining, as well as implementing the processes to monitor and quantify customer satisfaction. The primary focus is on customers here.

ISO 13485:2016

This defines requirements for quality management so as to demonstrate an organization’s ability to offer medical devices and related services. Here again, customers are deemed important in addition to the regulatory requirements.

ISO 18091:2014

The purpose of this standard is to provide guidelines for the local governments on achieving reliable results through ISO 9001:2008. But, this standard does not change in any way the requirements of “ISO 9001:2008”.

ISO/DIS 19443

This standard defines the application requirements for the ISO 9001, as well as IAEA GS-R in the supply chain of the nuclear energy industry.

ISO/DIS 21001

This standard defines the requirements along with guidance for the quality management in educational organizations.

ISO/WD 29001

This international standard for the quality management is for the petroleum, petrochemical, as well as natural gas sector. As such, this defines the specific quality management systems, as well as the requirements for the supply organizations.

ISO 9001:2015

This is a popular standard for the quality management that specifies requirements for an organization when it needs to showcase its ability to provide products/services. This standard also can be used by an organization if it’s looking to enhance the customer satisfaction. Note that this standard is generic and is applicable to any sector.

ISO/IEC CD 80079-34

This standard is specific to explosive atmospheres industry and is defining the requirements of quality systems for the manufacturing of equipment.

ISO/PRF TS 22163

This is for the quality management of railways and it specifies the particular application requirements for ISO 9001:2015.

ISO/TS 17582:2014

This is the standard for electoral organizations, which defines the particular application requirements for the ISO 9001:2008.

List of Industry Standards:

ISO 14298:2013

This standard is specifically developed for the graphic technology sector and specifies the requirements for the security printing system management.

ISO 15378:2015

This ISO standard is concerning to the primary packaging materials for medicinal goods. This defines the specific application requirements for the ISO 9001:2008 in reference with Good Manufacturing Practice.

ISO/AWI 16000-40

This ISO international standard concerns to the quality management system of Indoor Air sector.

ISO/DIS 41001

This standard defines the facility management and is dealing with the management systems and their requirements along with the guidance for application.

List of Safety and Security Standards:

ISO/DIS 22000

This standard is developed for the food safety management systems and is specifying the requirements for the organizations in the food sector.

ISO 10377:2013

This ISO standard is for the consumer product safety and is providing guidance to the suppliers on evaluation and management of safety on consumer goods. Overall, this standard describes how to identify, evaluate, reduce, prevent, and manage risks. Although this mainly concerns on the safety of consumer goods, it can also be applied to safety in other sectors too.

ISO 10393:2013

This ISO standard provides guidelines for the suppliers on consumer product recalls and remedial actions after the products have left the manufacturing units. As with the above standard, although this standard is intended towards consumer products, it can also be applied to other sectors as well.

ISO 18788:2015

This ISO standard is intended to provide the requirements, as well as the guidance for the management of private security operations.

ISO 22004:2014

This ISO standard is found to be providing generic advice about applying the standard ISO 22000. However, it’s to be noted that this doesn’t alter or modify the requirements of ISO 22000 in any way.

ISO 22301:2012

This standard is intended towards protecting the societal security in the business continuity management systems and is specifying the requirements for the same. These standards are generic and can be used by any organization.

ISO 24518:2015

This provides general guidance related to drinking water and wastewater services and to implement a crisis management system for water utilities.

ISO 28007-1:2015

This, which is concerning ships and marine technology sector, is providing general guidelines for “Private Maritime Security Companies”.

ISO 39001:2012

This standard is providing the requirements plus guidance with regards to road traffic safety management.

ISO/DIS 34001.4

This ISO standard concerns with security and resilience sector for the development of security management system. This pertains to the security aspects like authenticity, integrity, and/or trust for products/documents.

ISO/DIS 45001

This standard is for the management systems of occupational health and safety sector. As such, this standard is known to provide requirements along with guidance for application regarding these.

ISO/IEC 80079-34:2011

This is for explosive atmospheres and is specifying the specific requirements and information to establish and maintain the quality system for equipment manufacturing.

ISO/NP 35001

This standard specifies the requirements of laboratory bio risk management systems.

ISO/TS 34700:2016

This standard deals with the animal welfare management and is providing general requirements, as well as guidance for the companies in the food sector.

List of General Management Standards:

ISO/CD 30401

This standard concerns to the human resource management and is specifying the requirements of knowledge management systems.

ISO/DIS 34101-1

This ISO standard concerns with sustainable and traceable cocoa beans and is specifying the requirements for sustainability management systems.

ISO 44001:2017

This is for the collaborative business relationship and is specifying the requirements and framework for managing the same. The application of this standard can be on multiple levels.

ISO 19600:2014

This standard has been developed for compliance management system and is providing the guidance for establishing and managing a responsive compliance management system within a business organization.

ISO 30301:2011

This ISO standard deals with the information and documentation and is defining the specific requirements for an organization to meet with regards to records. It’s to be noted that this standard can be implemented along with other management system standards.

ISO 30302:2015

This standard is again for information and documentation and is providing the guidance for implementing the management system for records. Note that this standard has to be used in conjunction with ISO 30300 and ISO 30301. However, ISO 30302 would not modify the requirements of those standards in any way.

ISO 37001:2016

This standard deals with anti-bribery management and is known to specify the requirements, as well as guidance for establishing and maintaining an anti-bribery management system in an organization. This standard can be used alone or in conjunction with the overall management system of a company.

ISO 37101:2016

This ISO standard has been developed for sustainable development within communities. As such, this defines the requirements for a management system that pertains to the sustainable development within communities.

ISO 55001:2014

This standard is for asset management and is specifying the requirements for setting up an asset management system within an organization. This can be applied to all types of assets for all business sizes.

ISO 55002:2014

This again is for the asset management and provides the guidelines for the application of the standard ISO 55001. This again can be applied to all asset types and business sizes.

ISO/AWI 50501

This ISO standard has been developed for innovation management and is providing guidance for the same.

List of Health and Medical Standards:

ISO 13485:2016

This is for the medical devices and is specifying the requirements for the quality management systems and their regulatory processes wherein an organization wants to show its ability to offer medical devices and related services.

Apart from the above-mentioned sectors that are highly popular and significant, there are standards for some other sectors too. Let’s just have a look at those sectors along with their management standards here.

List of Environment and Energy Standards:

ISO 14001:2015: Requirements with guidance for environmental management systems

ISO 14004:2016: General guidelines for implementing environmental management systems

ISO 14005:2010: Guidelines for the phased implementation of environmental management systems

ISO 14006:2011: Guidelines for implementing ecodesign in environmental management systems

ISO 50001: Requirements for energy management systems

ISO 50004:2014: Guidelines for implementing energy management systems

List of Information Technology Standards:

ISO/IEC 27003:2017: Security techniques guidance

ISO/IEC 27552: Security techniques enhancement

ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011: Service management

ISO/IEC 27001:2013: Security techniques requirements

ISO/IEC 27010:2015: Security techniques management

ISO/IEC 27013:2015: Security techniques implementation guidance

ISO/IEC 90003:2014: Software engineering and guidelines for ISO 9001:2008

ISO/IEC DIS 19770-1: IT asset management requirements

List of Services Standards:

ISO 21101:2014: Adventure tourism

ISO 24518:2015: Drinking water and wastewater services

ISO 20121:2012: Event sustainability management

ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011: Information technology

ISO/WD 24526: Water efficiency management