May 10, 2018

How important is the ISO 9000 Certification for a Business?

“Quality” is the primary thing for which every business is striving hard for. Often times, it’s not easy to achieve. There are complications here and there concerning the productivity, as well as quality. This is true to every business, no matter whether it’s small or large. With all these obstacles in hand, how a business can improve the quality of its products and/or services? This is where ISO certification comes into action.

As you might be aware, ISO 9000 is among the most widely recognized standards in the business world. So, why it’s so popular? And, why it’s important for a business? Let’s see everything about this in detail here. Just keep reading…

Introduction to ISO 9000:

In simple terms, ISO 9000 is the set of standards devised by the International Organization for Standardization for the quality management. These are the quality management standards that present you with guidelines targeted towards increasing the efficiency of your business, as well as your customer satisfaction. The primary objective of ISO 9000 is to implant a quality management system within your business, thereby leading to an increase in productivity. This would also ensure a decrease in unwanted costs. At the same time, this would ensure the quality of processes and/or products.

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How does the Standard Work?

As mentioned above, ISO 9000 has been set up as a set of guidelines that could help you establish, maintain, as well as enhance a quality management system. Here, it’s important to understand that this standard is not coming with a rigid set of standards and hence, the businesses will have the flexibility in the way they integrate the quality management system.In short, the ISO 9000 standard provides the businesses the much-needed freedom thereby, allowing it to be used in a wide variety of businesses, both large and small.

ISO 9000 looks at the “Big Picture”:

One important factor that makes ISO 9000 superior is its approach, which is process-oriented. This standard doesn’t look at the departments or individual processes of a business. Rather it looks at the ‘big picture’. By this, we mean that this standard would look at how the business processes interact with each other, can they be amalgamated with one another, what are the features of products and/or services, and so on:

Thus, as soon as this process-oriented approach is inserted into a business, various audits are performed as part of the verification process. This way, the effectiveness of your quality management system can be improved.

Types of Audits:

Mainly, there are three types of audits, which are:

First-Party Audit: This is the internal audit that will be performed within a business organization. In fact, ISO 9000 requires these types of audits to be performed by an organization so that they could get the feedback more quickly from the people who know very well about the particular business.

Second-Party Audit: This type of audit would allow a consumer of the product and/or service to assess the performance of your organization.

Third-Party Audit: This is generally seen as an alternative to your second-party audit and several companies to become certified through a third-party audit. In this process, an independent certification body will come into your organization and evaluate the same for the compliance of ISO 9000 guidelines. If your organization is able to meet the requirement of the ISO standards, then you will get the ISO certification that carries the seal of quality, which is recognizable throughout the globe.

Why is ISO 9000 Certification important?

The ISO 9000 certification is important for a business because the quality is important! There are millions and millions of companies out there with thousands of them offering the same product and/or service. But, only those companies that are able to offer the best quality products and/or services are succeeding. For producing a best quality product/service, you must choose to get the ISO 9000 certification. With this certification in place, you can easily identify the root cause of any problem, thereby getting the ability to find a solution. By improving the efficiency of a business, you can maximize the profit too!

As the ISO 9000 certification is recognized throughout the globe, a supply chain with integrity is evident. Each and every company with the ISO certification gets the chance of participating in the development, production, and marketing of a product that is a part of a globally-recognized system.Not only do the businesses understand the importance of the certificate, but also the customers. It’s not an easier job for any business to satisfy the customers today. They are really advanced and continuously crave for quality goods. With ISO certificate in place, they would understand that you are offering a quality product and thus, they won’t be reluctant to buy it. All these are possible only with your ISO 9000 certification, which is a customer-centered standard.

How important is the Root Cause Analysis for a Business?

In any problem-solving process, it’s important for us to find out the cause of the issue so as to find out the solution. At times, the most visible cause will not be the actual cause. This is the reason why ISO 9000 stresses the businesses to find the root cause of any problem. There are chances that multiple, smaller reasons making the system defective. If we are able to find the real causes, we could take our business one step closer to the solution. By implementing the corrective actions, we are able to improve our business. And, the cycle goes on.

As such, the goal of finding the root cause of a problem is to enhance the way problems are handled. By becoming an expert in identifying the root cause, you can achieve the following effects:

  • Containment of errors
  • Reduced impacts
  • Prevention of reoccurrence

By identifying and rectifying the root cause of an issue, you are able to save the unwanted efforts, which in turn will decrease the quality maintenance costs. If you can implement more and more corrective actions, your business processes will become more stable and can witness a constant growth without many interruptions. All these make your ISO 9000 certification important for a business.

What does your Certificate mean to your Company?

As mentioned above, ISO 9000 is the set of standards devised to facilitate your quality goals. Also, this system will monitor the growth of your products and/or services as they go through the stages of production, right from development to customer feedback. Thus, we can understand that a cornerstone of this certificate is continual development. We would say that no business should feel fulfillment with the existing processes and conditions. Every business should continuously look for the ways to make the processes efficient. By keeping this in mind, ISO 9000 has been devised with continual development as one of the requirements.

The Flexibility of ISO 9000:

Now, you are aware that ISO 9000 is a globally recognized standard. On hearing, some people may think that it will be a daunting task to go for the certification. It’s a common misconception that the same ISO standards that are implemented by multinational companies will be implemented into the small businesses as well. This is where understanding is important. Remember, ISO 9000 is quite flexible and lays down the requirements for a business to follow. At the same time, it would give you the freedom of fulfilling those requirements in any way you choose. This way, ISO 9000 is increasing the scope of effectiveness, thereby enabling a broad range of businesses to have a quality management system for themselves according to their needs.

The Scope of ISO 9000 for Small Businesses:

Every business, especially the small ones require a strong foundation. The ISO 9000 will act as such a foundation for your small businesses. By implementing a quality management to your small business, the quality of the business processes will improve greatly and at the same time, the costs that are spent on inefficient processes will decrease. Thus, it would be a good start for every business. In addition, your certification would allow you to advertise your business by using your internationally recognized certification. This way, you will have great chances of winning good public, as well as private sector tenders. Remember, such opportunities will not come to you if there is no quality management system for your business.

Not only in winning tenders, your ISO certificate will also help you when selling your products and/or services. Your certificate is a proof of quality. When you have this, it’s easier to build up trust and confidence among the customers. When more and more customers choose to buy your products and services, your profit margins will significantly improve. If you continue to produce good quality service to your customers, they will refer your business to others and thus, you will gain brand reputation. So, ISO 9000 is important for small businesses too!